Youthwork the conference 2005

I didn’t really have much reaction to the conference this year.

I had a great conversation with a steward on a bus between venues.
The pub trip on Friday evening was pure comedy and a mix of pheonix nights and the league of gentlemen.
Getting to know dave better. was a good thing
exploring the possability of beta testing for a computer games companythereby getting free product.
Bart Campolo’s main session. Lots in it. I have purchased the Cd’s for a later date.
walking to the hotel accompanied by the sea, swans, and my ipod.

Low lights
Andy Flanagan
Main sessions (Bart C’s excluded)
All other sessions
Session topics
the more streamed idea of programming.

In fact the whole program was a damp squid. The weekend did allow me to think a bit though and to relax and discuss mad ideas with others.
Out of ten for the weekend
out of ten for what i did myself

but then i would say that wouldn’t I