You’re Pitiful – mr blunt

I have been a fan of Weird Al Yankovic for years. Since I first saw his video for Fat (a parody of Bad by Micheal Jackson.) Over the years his songs have amused me no end. Particularly worth checking out is the album Running with Scissors which features possibly my favorite ten minute song by a guy called Al – Albuquerque.

News has surfaced that Weird Al has been recording a new album, but there has been a hitch in the legal side of things. (the blogs are basically saying one of the artists he has parodied is being a bit precious and won’t allow their art to be poked fun at.)

At the same time Weird Al has issued a free download song on his website. The Song is a Version of James Blunts “You’re Beautiful” called “You’re Pitiful”.

perhaps I am adding 2+2 and getting 5 but I have always thought Mr Blunt didn’t have a sense of humor. Perhaps this just proves the point.

than song it great and downloadable from the Links contained if you ::[[click here]]::