Your music is from Satan

I am thinking of reviving the tradition of touring Youth groups in churches, making young people listen to music played backwards and then telling them it is of the devil.I remember several people coming various places and doing this for our benefit.
It was bonkers.

the guy (it was all men), would come with a record player, and a bunch of records. It would take about an hour of our time informing us of three main things.
1- some records played backwards sound like they are extolling us listeners to worship satan, or smoke marijuana.
2- some records like ‘Lets get phyiscal’ are really about sex. (S-express above if you put the dash in a different place is Sex-press!!!)
3- Some art work on gatefold sleves contains imagery which is deliberately satanic or idolatrous.

the main problem i had with all this was they guy had all the stuff to show us, thus exposing us to the satanic symbols, they had no problem with letting us hear the backwards record in a church building. (No really, they brought portable record players to the church to play it backwards to us.)
Surely if it was this dangerous, we shouldn’t it be hearing it, let alone doing it in church.

But in general I wonder if it is really a good excuse to buy lots of music and get the church to pay for it.
The certainty involved from the person speaking about something like this is quite stunning.
I saw the S-Express video today and i remembered the sex-press thing and it did have an effect. I am unsure why though, something did happen.

So Yeah I think i should bring it back.
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