You ain’t living without your own super computer

Astrophysicist Replaces Supercomputer with Eight PlayStation 3s
Engineer Creates First Academic Playstation 3 Computing Cluster

Using headlines like this, it was brought to the scientific communities attention that Sony’s Playstation 3 was an open source parallel processing dream. So the idea of clustering a some Ps3‘s and making something capable for playing metal gear solid 4 and also taking some of work of supercomputers was achieveable and very possible, at a price more affordable than hiring time on a super computer.
One of the academics involved postulated that six ps3′s are equivelant to a 200 node super computer.

Scientists Write Guide to Build Supercomputer from Sony Playstation 3

Well now they have gone and put the guide on the internet with links to the appropriate linux stuff. so if one night you and your ps3 owning friends needs to crunch some big numbers then all the stuff is here for you.

I love this idea. I don’t like it enough to buy a playstation 3 @ ¬£279.99
I wonder if I could persuade the maths department at the local high school to build a super computer for a laugh!
that would be living!