yesterday was a shocking day

Yes I was annoyed slightly by yesterday.

we had ordered a high chair from John Lewis, online, for the wee fellow. I had decided that I shouldn’t carry said box up the stairs to our flat when another man was more qualified and (possibly more importantly) paid hansomly to carry boxes up the stairs to my flat.

We paid a wee bit extra to guarantee delivery on the day we needed it. yesterday as I was off work, (working from home though,) that day already.
The delivery time was between 9am and 5.30pm hmmm. The list of things i had to do that day was extensive.

– drop helen at work
– drop Jacob at nursary
– swim at the gym
– household shopping
– do a run to the storage unit
– work from home (3 hours approx)
– collect Jacob from nursery
– collect helen from work

I did the drop off’s and returned home panicked that by returning at 9.02am I had missed the delivery. I hadn’t so I statred work. (the fruits of my labour can be seen by ::[[clicking here]]::)

I stopped work around 1pm for work. still no sign of the guy with the parcel.

I kept working and waiting
and waiting and waiting.

at 5pm I checked the website to see that it should have been delivered before 5 or 5.30pm. The website said 5.30pm
I waited

At 5.15pm I decided I needed to perpare to go get Jacob and my wife. Jacob needed picked up before 6pm so time was becoming a bit tight.

at 5.23pm the door bell went.
The delivery had arrived. I am not sure i was really that happy or grateful to the man. I guess i just felt hassled and annoyed at not getting half of what I wanted do done. On the negative side why could the delivery people not even narrow down the delivery time. With satellite tracking systems and gps and other gubbins. Why not have a live tracking feed on the web with an accurate delivery time. It is all computerised so why not.

still. later that night as helen and I put together the flat pack i guess I did feel quite relaxed and calm after my day of waiting.