write or die

Attention students, and those writing who lack motivation or time or skill but need to get words out. The ever wonderful Lifehacker points to one of the coolest online applications I have seen in the last wee while.

Write or Die is a simple javascript app, which inspires you to write an amount of words in an amount of time. Sounds cool huh. You set it up, for example, I want to write 1000 words in 10 minutes. It says okay then asks you what level of treatment you would like to get.
‘Gentle” and you get a text box reminder
‘Normal’ plays a sound file
‘kamikazie’ is a killer though. It starts deleting the text you have written until you start typing again.
I hate to think what happens if you put it on ‘electric shock’

I figure in this the season of intense essay writing this may become handy for some folks!