World Book Day


To celebrate World book day on Friday, rich, dressed up as a lion. I on the other hand bought a book.
The Fragile Absolute, or why is the christian legacy worth fighting for?” by Slavoj Žižek

i think this shall be the next book i will read. continuing my ongoing attempt to read books that make me think.
from the blurb on the back:

“one of the signal features of our ear is the re-emergance of the ‘sacred’ in all its different guises, from New-Age paganism to the emerging religious sensitivity within cultural and political theory.
The wager of Žižek’s The Fragile Absolute – published
here with a new preface by the author – is that Christianity and Marxism can fight together against the contemporary onslaught of vapid spiritualism. The revolutionary core of the Christian legacy is too precious to be left to fundamentalists.”