Wonderin’ ’bout…


various thoughts i need to empty my head of…
Is Micheal Martin’s resignation enough?
Is Yulia Tymoschek actually good looking?
Is anyone surprised that a group of people who’s job it is to write and look for loopholes in Laws found and exploited loopholes in a rulebook?
If I object so much to a cashless society, (boo, evil banks & info collecting credit companies!), why is carrying cash such a hassle?
Why does a new battery for my MacBook from apple cost around £140?
Why can’t I remember more swahili?
Is a “none of the above” option on a ballot paper actually nothing masquerading as something?
Why can’t I be better?
Is Daniels being influences to much by Lester and Bunk?

answers to the usual address on a postcard or the back of a sealed-down envelope.