White Noise 8

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life.

Last week/this week:
Last week i managed to do very little on my list for last week!

sorry last week
Next week?
I learned alot from fooling around with adobe indesign. it was fun. but i need to finish the poster over the week to come! as i need it for Tuesday.
(Tuesday will be a long day meeting at 8am, in school at midday, back in at 3pm and a meeting with young people at 5.30pm should finish around 7.30pm if i am lucky!

Main Idea In Your Hand
this week I posted my mixtapes on the internet. they intiailly started life as a podcast but now i think there is more scope in the old school mixtape type idea. How can you do that online? you can’t it would be popular if it was available though!

Best laid plans:
I didn’t start reading for lent. I have given up crisps, but i did want to also take something up for lent. Giving up crisps as a form of fasting, (i do like crisps). I wanted to take up some sort of reading as a reflective practice to encourage prayer.

I don’t wanna:
Start. I am in kind of a lazy mood. the thought of a 12hour day on tuesday makes me want to go to bed currently!

A collection of Literature:
I added the bible reading program to my rss reader (Bloglines) so reading that.

early Kraftwerk, the catalougue Miles Davis and John Coltrane and obviously Jay Z’s American Gangster

5 words to describe how i am feeling:
excited, happy, nervous, scared, wanting