White Noise 3 (late, a bit llike this week)

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life.

Last week/this week:
last week was fun but very busy.
I was out with work stuff on sunday,
family stuff on monday, tuesday, friday, and sunday.
I also make Sarah’s b’day part on saturday night which was very nice in the deliciously cool sloan’s on argyll street.
along side that we spent on night in the rather luxurious and reassuringly expensive Hilton Hotel in Glasgow,
and met a man who teaches at RADA, I found out that trying to get a discussion going with a group of youthworkers on Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen, leads to being laughed at.
I also heard some of the plans for where I work in Easterhouse, nothing official but, 5 parts exciting, 2 parts no that will never work, 7 parts wondering if these changes will be great(or)terrible for me/church/community?

this week we have an appointment at Jacobs nursery now he is in the Kinder room to review progress, I have a club today, a new thing with the RYPI group on Wednesday, a club on Tuesday, my sister is off to Cyprus for 6 months on Tuesday, her birthday is on Friday, I have a late birthday lunch on Wednesday, it looks reasonably busy to be honest

Main Idea In Your Hand
12 months of neighbourliness
a challenge to do one thing a month to spent time and get to know our neighbours better. I think this is easily achievable but need to get a move on in order to get the January task done. I also need to get my wife’s agreement.

Also we need to organise the “The Paget’s have a garden now lets all go and dig it up!” event organised!

Best laid plans:
The bible reading fell by the way side this week. I need to do some serious catch up. I Like where the stories were, just with such a busy week making time to read or blog or even breathe seemed like it was missing.
Also this week, I slipped up in my 2 thirds vegetarianism. Yeah, when at work or cooking my own lunch i try and be vegetarian at lunch times. (meaning my diet is two thirds vegetarian). This week i forgot all about it and had a hot and spicy sausage for lunch. I am not a vegitarian, nor do i strictly ardhear to this at weekends, but i do try on weekdays and I was disappointed by this slip up.

I don’t wanna:
go on this week. stopping time or a holiday would be nice.

A collection of Literature:
with this week being my birthday week I got various things including
I haven’t read it yet but i have been wanting to read it for a while. Thanks to ValleyBoyRich for the generosity.
beyond that I have been reading mostly web stuff like the NSLU2 to Linux project website

I haven’t really listened to much music this week.
On a related matted where do people host podcasts?
I have no idea where to put mine?

5 words to describe how i am feeling:
happy, tired, weary, Ideasy, networked(ish).