White noise 17

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life.

Last week/this week:
last week was very busy with meetings and stuff

last Saturday I went to deep, a divisional event of the The Salvation Army. I can’t say too much but I am writing an e-mail to people about my experience and thoughts as it was a very thought provoking.
Sunday we did family stuff, which included climbing a hill unexpectedly!

Monday/Tuesday I was working in Glasgow/Easterhouse. On Wednesday I worked from home, Thursday and Friday were filled with meetings. In between we managed to get both my sisters car fixed and and our car serviced. (very expensive.)

today we are getting invaded by a bunch of young people.
tomorrow we have the 3rd Sunday service in easterhouse.

next week we have
in easterhouse Mon & Tues, Glasgow Wed, home Thurs, easterhouse Friday!
Also got a meeting on Wednesday in Edinburgh
On Thursday I am returning to my Heretical Waterloo, that’s right I am doing the shoppers service again.

Main Idea In Your Hand
the personal cocoon.
after using libraries for a while i love the idea of an invisible portable personal cocoon which could surround you and ensure you are always in a space of comfort and joy despite the randomness of who can be sitting near or with you!
(retail around £50 each, you would make a fortune!

Best laid plans:
went to see Andrew Bird on Thursday at Oran Mor
genius. unbelievable, genius!

I don’t wanna:
have our house invaded today!

A collection of Literature:
not much reading this week. still on zizek though.

Was at the Andrew Bird concert on Thursday so have spent most of Thursday and Friday listening to andrew bird! if in doubt, listen here.

currently I am listening to the one of the top three radio shows currently available in the UK, Adam and Joe on 6music!

5 words to describe how i am feeling:
good, behind, nervous, up, creative