white noise 14 (white noise 12 & 13 are M.I.A.)

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life.

Last week/this week:
been a strange one.

with work being a building site and alternative accommodation being unconducive to doing work of any kind. I have been working from home. Monday i was on site, Tuesday i was at home. Wednesday we had a break in and a food parcel request so back in Easterhouse, Thursday home and Friday being a holiday was a day of lazing about and playing with Jacob. quite nice really.
also this week i helped out a couple of days with the holiday club in church at lanark. it was really enjoyable. it is was partly some of what Carberry used to give me.
I also did the service on Thursday at the church. it was an interesting experience which i will blog about subsequently.

next week
well today we are at the continental market in Lanark High Street then having friends over – Fraser and Rachel.
tomorrow we are at the Lanark loch walk and Easter Sunday service in the morning and with my wives family for an Easter meal.
Monday is a holiday.
then working through the week. lots of admin stuff about to do next week.

Main Idea In Your Hand
(more a problem than an idea) feedback – how can you give real time feedback to someone who is delivering a speech or talk, yeah text or twitter maybe there, but for the majority of people in the communities i work with, twitter is not an option. Maybe a text but that is kinda problematic. How do we give feedback to those who talk?
any ideas?

Best laid plans:
getting addicted to The Wire. it’s not on fridays. somehow i feel listless and uncomfortable. Should i really be this into a TV program?
The wire is kinda weird. it is just like, NYPD Blue, Law and Order, CSI, but feels like a different world to them all. the stand alone, yet on going drama. It is familiar enough to be comfortable veiwing, but it is different enough to be somewhere else. quite amazing TV.

I don’t wanna:
do admin.
I think i am uninspired

A collection of Literature:
not done much reading this week to be honest

just the ipod on shuffle.
nothing really caught me this week
OH – except a fantastic remix of Britney spears maneater. honestly the thing is wonderful. it is stunning.
I will find it again and blog the details. unusual but wonderful.

5 words to describe how i am feeling:
tired, relaxed, worried, happy, unsure.