White Noise 10 – (late is as late does)

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life.

Last week/this week:
Last week started with a juggernaut being delayed, not stopped or avoided. Change is gonna come, and it can be good. (constantly remind yourself!)
Wednesday evening i ended up meeting up with Rich and Lynzy to go see Howling Bells at the classic grand. a review blog post to follow!. Thursday and Friday seemed very busy indeed.

Saturday morning I spent at the Scottish national woodworking and power tool show at the SECC. (Yeah it was kinda like an episode of Home Improvement with men grunting and shouting More power with ever tool that was started.) Saturday afternoon I fitted cupboard doors at my borthers house and Saturday evening i was home.

Sunday I was at home. managed to get the garden partly turned for a forthcoming potato harvest.
Sunday evening I was struggling with the tech stuff at Third Sunday. We had everything. speakers in the house system that wouldn’t work, dodgy cables, i broke my own cables, we went through 4 laptops, in the end i think it went okay but to be honest I struggled to cope with so much happening due to the short set up time.

today i ended up reading up religious observance stuff from the Scottish executive, thinking about what to do tomorrow, and in school.

tomorrow i have schools work, and meetings, Wednesday i have meetings most of the day and night. a club in the evening. On Thursday I will probably work from home on the Thursday morning, and have a BSGE youth network meeting on the evening with the traditional Friday down time to make the week end well.
(sounds quite busy!)

Main Idea In Your Hand
Pub quiz team. (we could win cash and stuff)

Best laid plans:
got the train home on Wednesday after the Howling Bells gig. at the second last stop I called for a taxi. The man asked how long, He suggested 15-30 mins. I said no 5-10mins and I will be there. he said okay. We pulled into the station about 7 mins later, i got off the train at Lanark train station and headed to the taxi rink, guess what, no taxi.

I headed down the end of the rink where the road is. I spotted a silver car heading into teh car park of the supermarket next to the train station. as I waited and no taxi appeared i considered starting to walk or calling the company again. The gray car appeared, the guys saw me standing and the three young men in the car beckoned me over to their car. At the same time a taxi drove in, and stopped across the rank from me.

I walked towards the taxi, at first it looked like i was heading to the boys car. they started encouraging slogans out the window at me. As i walked by their car to the taxi, the abuse started to become more prominent. by the time i reached the taxi, I did think I needed to check they hadn’t exited the car. The taxi man had no knowledge of me as as we chatted the silver car drove off at speed. (shouting abuse at me mostly.)

The taxi guy got confirmation of my booking and i did get home but… for the first time i wasn’t confident in my own ability to deal with a situation. I am not sure about why that was. But I didn’t like it.

I don’t wanna:
wake up on time tomorrow. sleeping til 10am would be nice!

A collection of Literature:
still on the Zizek, Bible and curriculum for excellence from the scottish executive!

U2 (rock), Steve Earle (alt. country), Martyn Joseph (singer/songwriter-Folk), Howling Bells(indie rock), John Coltrane (Classic Jazz). random but good collection this week.

5 words to describe how i am feeling:
tired, happy, excited, satisfied, uncreative?