White Noise 1

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life. Taking inspiration from ysmarko’s – monday morning update and utilising the “use song titles as questions” format of the “is this it” series of interviews in the guardian I will weekly present some thoughts and ideas for my own benefit if nothing else. Why white noise? – I wonder if over the course of these weekly updates i will use them as meaningless chatter that masks or obliterates underlying information.)

Last week/this week:
last Saturday I spend changing a Tyre on the car. It had a puncture, and I spent some of today taking rubbish to the dump and getting a new Tyre put on the car! Sunday we spend with Helen’s family celebrating the birthday of our nephew. The rest of This week has been busy with work and stuff at home, I also got a chance to meet up with Andy Kimmit on Thursday night which was cool.
This week I will mostly be working hard, I am seeing my parents and family tomorrow, and also tidying and keeping on top of Jacob’s toilet training.

Main Idea in Your Hand:
Carberry Space Tour – the idea of providing space for those late night comfy chair based chats in different locations at different times. With a core of people committed to showing up and chatting about whatever takes their fancy, a bit like I did with andrew on Thursday.

Best laid plans:
I am doing LocSU the SU group at lochend on Tuesday, I need to organise the Tech equipment and a Video for Third Sunday, get my dad’s birthday present and card, plus a welcome card for the new Divisional Youth Officer for West of Scotland Division of The Salvation Army. I should e-mail howies. Phone John Cross. I also have meetings for Third Sunday, RYPI group, Arts sub group. I also have to create a podcast as a trial for work stuff. And I have an Eye Test.

I don’t wanna:
Sort out a Small Third Sunday thing and a couple of clashes of diary, but i need to do that. Sort a band of Third Sunday on Sunday!!!

A collection of Literature:
This week finished another chapter in the book of numbers. Covering logarithyms, Newton, Decartes, Napier. Istill don’t understand Maths but The Book of numbers is maintaining interest.

this week I got listening to Portishead’s “Third” & I also listened a wee bit to Tinariwan’s “Iman Aman – Water is life” album. Also got struck by how good Teenage Fanclub’s “Neil Jung” is as a song. quite prefect.

5 words to describe how i am feeling:
good, excited, positive, happy, heavy.