weekend details

The training was fun to be at. I met some really cool people. The training was spilt betweeen time with your own team, depending which location you were going to, and time in a large group doing large group things.

back row – Matthew, Me
front row – Jenn, Cat, Ruth W, Ruth S (team leader), Alice
lying down – Jim (team leader)

We had a lot of times in our groups, only right I suppose, as after all, we are going to spend 3 weeks with just us in a team. My team are lovely. we have3 guys and 5 girls heading out to Tanzania. well you know that, you have seen the photo.
we had some cool sessions, on getting to know each other. What we will be doing, Where we are going. What to take, We went to the pub, for a walk in the Park, (In the rain!). We had individual interviews and generally started to get to know each other.

The CMS staff had some sessions throughout the weekend. one on cross culutral missiology, one on living in tolerence with differing views and one on what is CMS, we also did a cross culture trade games where i think alot of people didn’t get the point of the exercise.

The game was around the issue of muslim – christain relations. would a church allow a neighbouring mosque to use their hall on a friday, their hall on a sunday, or their church on a sunday.
The you decalre what you are happy to do at each stage of the game.

after the third stage you try and talk to someone about the reasons for their opinions and try and convince then of why they believe what they do.
I ended up in the wrong place due to lously instructions.

After that we split into 3 groups. I was in the Hell no get lost brigade. we then had to argue the opposing view to our own. So my group of “No way” people had to become “Yes come on in” people.
I was suddebnly was on the side I wanted to be on and as such kinda dominated the discussion. For most of it my opposition were on the ropes with no where to turn.

Apparently I was so convincing my team started to argue against me.

Anyway It went well. more reflections later.