We need a New Redemption Song.

$_57I have been thinking about the crash in Glasgow yesterday. also previously, I have been thinking and working on something for easter saturday, a day traditionally of no liturgy, a day of no hope, a day dominated by the absence of light. How can the people who live in the now and not yet of faith, engage with the absence of hope? of feelings of distinct and constant blackness. I am not sure I have any sort of answer, but I have heard a song in a new way. It is a christmas songs but gets near to some of the feelings I think are appropriate, anyway it’s here.

A New Redemption Song – Over the Rhine, from the album Snow Angels. (you can hear this song by clicking on my jam to the top right of the screen.)

Lord we need a new redemption song
Lord we’ve tried
It just seems to come out wrong
Won’t you help us please
Help us just to sing along
A new redemption song

Lord we need
A new redemption day
All our worries
Keep getting in the way

Won’t you help us please
Help us find the words to pray
To bring redemption day