Was I heretical?


On Thursday there, I did a small 15 minute service for the church in Lanark, (I ran over by 1 minute.) The congregation was totalled eight, and they seemed to listen and be quiet, and follow instructions as I requested. The service was a form of carols and lessons, but an Easter Holy Week version. I used a Christmas songs which spoke of different aspects of God’s human incarnation. I used readings about Christs priesthood from the end of Hebrews. And meditations from Father Richard Rohr.

I went okay, but at the end one of congregation decided he felt strongly enough tell myself and everyone else where I was wrong and where I had went wrong with what I had said. (With details and rhetorical questions!)

This week I have thought about that a lot. As I thought about it I still am puzzled. Did I really confirm a belief which was heretical?
If I was misheard is that a problem with me or with the hearer?
Did I react well to the situation. (I sat quietly and listened.)
Why do I need to understand how the problem occurred?
Why did I feel, annoyed, upset, unsure, happy, nervous or puzzled about the whole thing?

I dunno.
I do think you need Heresy to work out and deal with orthodoxy otherwise we would all be keeping the religious laws as detail in Leviticus. I am also unsure about the prospect of being Heretical necessarily being a terrible thing. At the same time I am unsure about how my employers (a church), would feel about me being heretical?

It was an interesting experience.
But not easy.