victim less games

At the weekend, one of the things that really got me thinking was, something that wasn’t meant to be thought provoking. The Water game was a game I hadn’t heard off and as such I didn’t play, I didn’t know what it was or how many people you needed to play or any details.

The game is a game where people sit down in a circle; the organiser or leader picks a category, for example “Boys Names”, the leader then writes down on of the category “John”. After everyone playing the game go round the circle and select one of the category. “Brian”, “Jim”, “Scott” etc, etc If your answer matches the written down answer of the leader, the leader throws a glass of water at your face. You then become the person who decides on the category and writes down the answer. Although if you give the same answer as someone else “Scott”, “Bryan”, “Scott” you also get a glass of water in the face. I am unclear about if you then get to control the game or not in this event.

My problem is with the basis of the game, it requires a victim.

This isn’t a game, a game requires player not victims, an assault requires a victim, a crime requires a victim, but a game. I wondered about this, Why do people actually want to do this as a game, what is really fun about it? The people are laughing at you getting victimised, you end up becoming victimiser, making a victim of someone else within the group of “Friends”?

The whole concept of any game, which involves a victim, is dangerous. On Tuesday I was told I had lost my sense of fun.


Some of the local boys were putting explosive stink bombs through the letterbox at work and the dog at work was getting very annoyed. My boss is allergic to sulphur, and these had a sulphur ingredient of some kind. I went to speak to the boys, telling them what had happened and asking that they didn’t do it any more. The boys listened then they tried to throw one of these bombs into my car, and later all over me. (I became a victim (well a target victim they failed miserably.)). I then went to the boys houses and spoke to their parents and guardians, I spoke of how good the boys had been previously but how they were acting a bit stupid now.

Because I wasn’t laughing with them I couldn’t take a Joke.
Because I spoke to their elders I didn’t know what fun was.
Because I challenged how they were dealing with me, I was no longer their favourite worker.

I have a problem with people having fun at others expense. I see a group of boys around here, in order to have fun they play football, if you miss three shots you do a punishment. The Boys make the younger boys run up and down the street with their pants and shorts pulled down. And everyone laughs.

I don’t

I call the older boys bullies and attempt to talk the younger boys out doing the activity, but peer pressure takes over and a desire to be part of the group, or more importantly a liked part of the group they do it. I get really annoyed at this behaviour by the older boys. I challenge what they are doing and why. Thy say they are having fun. I say they are bullying.

The line between winding someone up and bullying is not really a line to be honest. The practice of making someone angry so you can laugh at him or her is bullying. The Prank phone calls Bart Simpson makes to Moe are funny but this tiype of wind up has a victim and must be bad because a victim can never happen due to a good event happening.

Jesus told us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. That means you need to consider how you want to be loved and what love means to you. How can you love someone by winding him or her up until they physically and mentally change to a negative state? You can’t because that isn’t Love.
Love doesn’t make victims.
Love builds up.
Love never tears down.
The water game is the tip of the iceberg of these games. It’s part bullying, part group initiation ceremony, part powerful fate decider.

The Water game doesn’t express Love. It Can’t. that’s why I don’t like it

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