Urban Communication

During the time I had off I managed to get myself invided to ICC, the seat of learning where i did my time.

I was asked back to speak on the issue of “Urban communication”. Fair enought. i work primarily in the Urban enviroment. As such I communicate urbanly.

SOi prepared for a class of 1st years and tried to remember good things for lectures I sat through. I also tried to think what would help me when i am trying to learn things.

the things I did were as follows.

1 – try and have as much participation as possible.
Instead of me spouting all the time let the students work and struggle with this.

2 – avoid powerpoint
It’s not big, nor is it clever. Bad powerpoint is just a distraction. besides Mostly you just read out the slides which people can read for themselves.

3 – have work booklets
Booklet’s rock. something to flick through and something to read, and something to doodle on if needs be.

4 – background music
This is commonly used to relax. I work better with music in the background so have one mix of music which would be long enough to cover the two half’s of learning goodness with a break.

SO with the plan i went.

Photocopying took longer than expected but I amnaged to produce the booklets in reasonably quick time. I started the class late, On ot the students tried to be smart at the beginning. A instant reacton put down stopped the foolishness.

I got the large group divided up and the smaller groups discussing things. I took feedback irregularly to keep people on their toes. I only had one answer which i had to negociate with the group. The anwser the group had given hadn’t answered the question asked properly. The group quickly made something vague Up.

I tried to define where they were and negociate where we were going to. As the lesson went on one student from that group questioned why I hadn’t accepted wheat their answer was.
I answered about trying to get where we were going.
She came back at me again.
I didn’t accept what she had said and had negociated with her but this was obviously troubling her.
SHe came back at me again
I answered
She came back at me again.
I answered.
Another student said that she liked my answer.

I continued.
I forgot one bit I had put in at the last minute.
then they had a break.

I met the wife of a guy i had been in college with briefly.
I got talking with a guy from arbroath about street/detached church with strett based young people.

The second half started with one girl absent, the girl who had argued with me earlier.
The second half went very well. although only about half the class carried bibles. One guy didn’t take out or use a pen within two hours. He also didn’t speak or seem to be involved. much.

The majority of the class went well.
I enjoyed it the feedback was reasonably positive form the class verbally at the end.

The Lecturer I was working for was unable to speak to me at the end, a student came and needed to see her urgently.

It was the girl who had argued with me in class.
She has several complaints about how I had ran the class and what I had done.


anyway on reflection a positive experience.
but I still have niggling doubts about it.


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  1. Bloody students! I’m sorry, but it is true. Especially first years. They fail to grasp the greatness of the opportunity that they have (sorry to make a sweeping generalisation). An awesome opportunity to broaden the horizons way beyond imagination.

    You have challenged her thinking and she cannot handle that. Maybe touched a nerve. You have vastly more experience and wisdom. You did good.

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