So Last week I started at Strathcylde University, Jordanhill Campus, on the Post Graduate Certificate in Community Education.

The class is nice with about 20 in the cohort. and the class is older then I thought it would be. I am one of the younger middle ages in the group. Last week I was really left thinking about community, what is it, why do we have it, is it a good thing?
This week the pace really picks up with 2 hour sessions on the key topics which we need to engage with over the next year in order to qualify.

I an kinda worried about how hard work it will be as I also intend to keep my current job and see my wife and child as well. I think the key thing will be working and studying smart. Being efficent where I can and making sure I get everything I need to get done, finished.

I am looking forward to it and intellectually it has begun to challenge me already.

I look forward to the next nine months.

(The big question is do I try and get tickets for the Fratelli’s at the Union tomorrow evening or not? as part of freshers weeks activities)
dunno yet.