Twittering on Clyde 1 with Colin Kelly

On Tuesday morning I ended up on Clyde 1, one of the local radio station in the west of scotland. Not for a competition, nor a request. Not for having an outlandish opinion, nor for being “special”
Because i had a phone with a twitter app (from the famous app store) and was stuck on a traffic Jam.

let me explain.
I have been on twitter for a good we while now and follow various people, i have about the same amount of people who follow me. I don’t follow everyone who follows me, and i am not followed by everyone i follow. I find it is nice and less intrusive in some ways that say instant messenger, bebo chat or facebook chat. It is not for conversations in the same way as skype is.

On Tuesday morning their was a delay on the motorway I drive to work. We got stuck.
i got my book out of the boot, my wife had her bag, and Jacob had an ipod with the film ‘ratatouille’ on it. we were happy and sitting. I wanted to let people know what was happening as I though it may be funny. (it kept me amused). Anyway following a twitter about the dire traffic updates on BBC Fivelive. Colin Kelly, who is a DJ on Clyde One responded with something about Clyde’s travel updates being top notch. His second twitter response was tune in and i will play a song for you.

So I did and an hour into the traffic jam my twitters were quite cool. Colin mentioned some stuff on the air about the traffic and about reports about things happening. I thought thats me and smiled and thought well, that’s quite good.

he played a song then, almost word for word, read out one of my tweets. I was stunned.
it would have been very simple to get disheartened and lose yous soul in a 2hour traffic jam issue, but this turned it around, made us laugh, hopefully make other people laugh and made the person involved sit slightly lower in his seat! (quite right too!)

anyway I don’t advocate Twitter as a way to get on the radio. but as a tool for communication of interesting bizarre and sometimes cool stuff. yeah i think so. Oh and now i follow Colin and he follows me.

so answer the question. what are you doing?