Turning Thirty 3 – Bruce Cockburn @ 19th Jan 07 ABC

(Different when it Comes to You – Bruce Cockburn)

The anniversary of my 30th year on the earth celebrated by a night out at the ABC.

The ABC venue used to be the ABC cinema on Sauchiehall Street. The ABC being Glasgow’s oldest cinema, closed in 1999 had a £2milllion refit and now is 2 concert venues.

I had been to the ABC2 before, but I had yet to see the big room.
the room had movable seats out reducing the 1600 capacity down to neared the 800 mark.to the left of the stage was standing space, to the left was a small raised area. This was filled with large leather furnitures, sofa’s, chairs and blocks. we sat on 4 red leather square blocks. We got some drinks from the bar. which was directly opposite the stage. We sat and Waited.

First Up was the Joe Craven trio. (Alison Brown, the advertised support was with child and unable to make the Gig). Joe plays mandolin primarily throughout the gig.It is hard to rock out playing the mandolin but frankly, he managed it. helping in no part was his beret, with large pompom. Loving the pompom action.
His set was upbeat, multi instrument with Joe playing at least 4 during the gig and special guests, including a couple of The Duhks (pronounced Ducks)fiddler-vocalist Tania Elizabeth and percussionist Scott Senor Senior, and at least one of Salsa Celtica.
It was a good show.
As It Ended I decided That if I ever have a Band and ever play a gig and ever have enough money. Joe Craven is on the list for a great support act.

Bruce Cockburn is just a class act live.
Late last year he released “Life Short Call Now“. His 26th Album. The concert set is Bruce, playing accoustic guitar and singing and thats all. The music is an emcompassing and as he goes through an hour and 10 minutes worth of his current and back catalogue. Standouts include “Lovers In A Dangerous Time“, “Dust and Diesel” and my favourite “Open“.

Of the new songs I quite liked Life Short Call Now, and the set ending Mystery. But having not heard the album yet it is just an initial reaction to the live version of the songs. (I should really get it soon!)

All in all a great concert. the only down side to the event is that due to the curfew in the venue their wasn’t time or space for an encore despite the crowds insistence that their should be one. but as we moved into the rain the night still young my mind raced with lyrics and music of the night celebrate around my brain.

a good night in deed.