Turning 30 – post 1

On friday the 19th of January I turn 30 years old.

(cards and presents to the usual address!)

I don’t know how I feel about it.
I am proud to have reached three decades on this earth. lots of people don’t get to my prospective age.

so where am I

I think I know myself reasonably well.
I have discovered some of my dark side and know what it can entail.
I have some of my good points down. But i am also aware of how i act and react in diffeent situations.

I am content. but am looking for ways to improve me.

I know this will affect my. I just don’t knw how yet.
more later.

anyway on friday, my wife and I are going for dinner and to the Bruce Cockburn gig at the Celtic Connections Festival.
(I saw Mr Cockburn today in the Buchanan Galleries shopping centre)

then on saturday having a birthday late afternoon meal with family.
It should be good.

I guess I’ll find out soon…