Aye went to see my friend Fraser. He lives in Carronshore now.

Awesome guy
Enjoyed the hospitality of his household, and enjoyed briefly the company of his wife.

I went on the premise of watching the football, but frankly it was just to catch up and talk and swap stories and catch up on life.

he had broke his elbow. (ouch) but it seemed to have healed well.
he had moved house and decorated it. (good job as well)
he had recorded a demo with his band (sounds good) review to come on the blog.
he and his wife are thinking about kids. looks like something may happen. he would be an awesome dad and his wife and awesome mum.

we sat and chatted, and time passed. He had sky so we had the choice of the Man U game, the Everton Game or the rangers game. Except the rangers game was on pay per view so we ditched that idea.
we ended up playing name that tune with my Ipod. While watching the TV. It was a fun night.

we also went for a drive to his in laws to drop off the Dog. (Tara she is one mad dog)
We passed the New Falkirk Stadium. It looks stunning. Fraser had a season ticket last season. He’s a bairn now!

apparently the Falkirk stadium is right near the Blast zone for Grangemouth BP oil refinery. they have 2 sides done, one behind the goal one main stand. to build the other two sided they need to get permission form the First minister himself to make it happen.

fraser got into trouble for leaving a window open when we went out.
I casually asked in how many burgulars in Carronshore carry ladders. He laughed. when He asked his wife the same question I suddenly didn’t feel that clever any more.

all in all a good night

we shoudl do it more often.