travel up

After being in London for the week end my travel accross london was easy enough, got the train to victoria, got the tube to paddington. then the heathrow express, to Heathrow funnily enough, then the plane home.

I walked some guys to the train station for the first part of the trip. we had a 20 minute wait for the next train we stood with our bags and stuff in a small group on the platform. we were about 1 meter from the yellow line, which runs one meter from the edge of the platform. Various people had passed us going backwards and forwards. when a couple came by the lady was in heels and tottering along. The guy was large and carrying a similarly large bag. They came from the far away end of the platform and headed for the ticket room. as they passed the guy statred giving me grief for standing to near the yellow line and forcing him to walk next to it. I apologised and moved.

He told me to think about it.
I said I would
As he left he kept on repeating Think about it.about 3 times.

It was then it struck me, I don’t think about things enough. I need to think about it.

On the train to victioria everyone was chatting.
Ruth from my team had three changes to get to carlisle and was spending 8 hoiurs plus travelling.

I thought about it.

the trip was good, the tube was packed. At paddington i bought my ticket and was then minding the guy i had travelled withs bags, When a girl and guy came in with lerge dogs two of them off the leish. in the train station. I dunno why but i felt like this was the strangest thing in the world these large dogs.

Anyway the heathrow express was quick and painless.

At heathrow I checked myself in at a computer thingy. I checked my bag and jacket in. I kept a polybag with some fruit, my papers, tickets, passport and bottle of water. I walked about and looked for somewhere to eat. I went to the gate i was to go through. I asked the information girl hanging around there if there was anywhere to eat through the gate. no. As i walked along I realised my gab had split. it was literally falling apart. I went to the nearest magazine shop. it was full of magazine.I looked for Smash Hits of something with a free bag. nothing. I looked for what magazine’s had free bags. Eve or Cosmopolitan.


Although I do think I am more of an eve boy than a cosmo boy. plus it was black and white flower design which was reversable and mostly black with a small white border. The other bag was gold lame. The Eve bag looked ok but could i carry it off? I saw a girl come sodn the stairs carrying both bags. the gold was never something I could carry off, the black though I could do that. So I bought it.


I ate a sandwich and read the observer.

I then went through to the gate. I put my bag and jacket on the tray through the detector. The 3 people in front of me had been patted down. I assumed I would get the same pat down.
I walked through the metal detector.
The man pointed at me and shouted “you over there now”.
He took me over to another man.
I was kinda worried about this. I hadn’t done anything wrong.

The guy pointed at me and said see.
The other man who appeared to be more senior, said “yes but there’s not alot we can do about it.”

I was very conserned at this point. Literally was my face not fitting?

The senoir man said
“it’s okay. your t-shirt has the image of a grenade on it. under new laws for airports only in the Uk we can remove any item of clothing which has this type of symbol on it.” (see the picture above, click on it for larger version)
“really”i said. I was stunned.
“Yeah, but we can’t leave you without a T-shirt. The airline can refuse to fly you if they see it. so wear your jacket zipped up.”
“okay I didn’t know, sorry about that.”
“no hassle just remeber that next time.”
as i walked off I heard the junior one say at training they had been told that anything like that needed immediate action. the other guy said that was okay.

I put my jacket on lifted my lady bag, and walked to the gate. The plane got delayed. and delayed. I read some of my book.They called some people, I waited, i made sure my jacket was zipped up fully. It would remain that way until i got in the car at the other end. The flight was okay and on time. I got my bag, and headed for where helen was due to meet me. It was good to see her and Jacob again. I missed them loads.

We ended up going home view prestwick, (long story) but I got home and into bed at a reasonable time. my london adventure was over.

I met some good people and got quite excited about going now.