tomorrow morning

Thursday monrings have been good to me.

usually i get to the gym, and meet friedns, tomorrow is not different. I am going to drop my wife at work, then hit the second hand shops in the west end (byres road) with a £10 budget. The oxfam music shop and the Oxfam books shops should get at least one purchase each.

then on to meet ruth. she rocks.

It will be a good conversation. i think ruth is a friend who can be trusted, thats a rare thing to find now. Our conversations always goes on for ages and seems to be about nothing much. but hey it is good fun.

Then onto the gym.

I like the gym. i feel good after beeing there, but I feel really annoyed about the hassle of going. It is a ” hour chunk out a day including travel. I am investigating one nearer work this would mean I can work out during lunch of before starting lunch but travel time is minimised. would be nice i suppose.

Then to work.

I have my first exclusion project meeting with “T” “T” has been excluded from a youth club I am involved in so we are going to meet up and work on basic social skills to see how I can best work with him. This will be in public places on a one ot one basis. should bee cool.

Then paperwork,

then on to the club “T” is excluded from.

I really feel upset about the exclusion.

Church shouldn’t be a place where young people are excluded.

where is redemption

where is love

where is forgiveness

where is care

where is the fatherless and the widow or have they been given exclusions.