Took the opportunity to meet up with Rich.
He’s just back from Africa! Cool

Before we met up I popped into TX Maxx and bought a cool brown Bench top. It was cold and I hadn’t taken a jacket with me that morning. In my new favourite colour, Brown. Lovely.

Anyway Met Rich in Buchanan Galleries I took him to Stavka up the end of succhiehall street, It had god a good write up in the paper and a quick internet search seemed to get favorable reviews.

On the way met a friend form Carberry and chatted for twenty minutes, well I tried to chat and leave but ended up staying for twenty minutes and hearing some quite bizarre stories. Anyway rich looked bemused.

It is a Russian theme place. We entered and sat down around the widest table I have ever seen in a bar. The palace is essentially a vodka bar. (although they are majoring on Smirnoff so their vodka credentials are ropey at best). We had a drink and a chat before heading down for some food.

I asked at the bar about food. The bar man with the dodgy beard who looked bored out his head told us to head downstairs. He told us to avoid the bar place straight in front of us turn left and left to the restaurant, much better and nicer and the prices are similar to the bar place.

we went downstairs, turned left and ended up at the toilets and a staff only door. I turned left again and behind a red velvet curtain was a well stocked bar and a girl. Table for two was provided. In a circular booth for about 4 people. Everything was kinda Mafia hideout style. The seats were all covered in red velvet, halfway up the room was a curtain to separated the rooms, the place had atmosphere.

The menu was slightly weird. It appeared that in order to turn everything Russian all you do is is put “ski” at the end of a normal dish. Hmmm

we ordered starters I had spicy sausageski, rich had meatballski, Rich had a lamb ghoulashski thingy, I had a seafood rissotoski,

The meal went well and conversation flowed. Africa I think made a mark on Rich. Ever since I have known Him I think he has wanted to travel and see what turns up but for one reason or another he has never really done a sustained piece of travel and living abroad. If he did I doubt he would come back! (except for holidays or summit.)

I think he may be getting ready to do this before too long.
The food was alright. We had desert rich had icecreamski. I had some nutski stickyski stuffski and leftski.
We decided it was a decent place for lunch or a nsack but not great for a meal. but worth trying.

It felt good to meet up and talk.