thoughts on my online life

I didn’t mean to
But it happened

I needed to reflect on how much time i was on the computer.
so I stopped.

I stopped maintaining and developing my website.
I stopped blogging
I stopped e-mail as far as possible personally
I stopped using facebook
I stopped using bebo

I kept on twitter. I should have stoppped though
I fept on the intenet at lunchtimes etc. I should probably have stopped

I wanted time to ask….
should I
when is too much

I don’t think i have balance.
I don’t think i am a balanced person, generally.
I never live with balance, although I like the notion

But recently I have been thinking about blogging again.
perhaps simplifying my online life and keeping it as a part of me, not the defining signifier of me.
need to take care though. of me, you, us, we, them?

we will see.
I will try

I am trying.