Thom Yorke / Third Way

Stop everything.

I am considering not even moving for several hours.

I came home today to see mail spread behind the door. And a advert for Greenbelt 05 Nice. anyway I collected the mail in a bundle. And I saw a kinda faded green writing on a white background. I thought, “Hmm third Way’s design unit needs to be taught a thing or too” I put the magazine casually on my desk and left the room.

Only when I returned did I see the Front Page In it’s entirity.

I suddenly got very excited. The front page had the usual banner details and stuff then no other writing on the front page. One Image of a side profile of an unshaven spikey haired man looking down in the corner.

It was only Thom Yorke.

I would be less surprised to see Tony Balir on the front. I am seriously considering not doing anything while I read the Interview. I never thought Radiohead would be interviewed in Third Way. It is surprising in a really good way that they have got this interview.

I also wonder where third way is sold. I only know of one shop in Glasgow that stocks it. I do wonder if people who frequent that shop would be aware of Mr Yorke’s work of the iconic nature of the band he is a part of.

Then again if they don’t get that, would they get the magazine and it’s engaging culture agenda?

I am excited.

Go buy this magazine now.

It demands Your attention.