thinking about #indyref press and money

Heres two of the best articles I have read on things so far, both from the Financial Times. I found both articles interesting and challenging to my way of thinking.

The Death of the Political Interview by Ian Katz, who’s the editor of newsnight. He diagnoses why politics for people like myself, Interested but not in any party, are turned off and cynical about politics. Every time I here the words “Independence”, “Referendum” and “Debate” this is what I expect. Thankfully he signposts some suggested solutions that seem almost obvious. That would be a change that would be very welcome.
The Death of the Political Interview by Ian Katz, on

Scotland’s currency future: what economists think.
The FT ask 5 leading economists, including 2 from the University of Glasgow to consider the 4 main currency options for am independent Scotland form a purely economics point of view. (in brief some sort of monetary union gets some 10’s, but the winner across all five results is the formation of a new currency wonder about this, I think there maybe political agendas at play. but there is a ring of truth around some of the comments here.
Scotland’s Currency future: What economists think. on