thePROJECT2 : In The Flesh, Edinburgh, 20th June 2009

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reecently I have been busy with thePROJECT, a series of interim events which are somehow heading towards a expression of festival focused on Arts, Culture and Faith within a uniquely scottish context.

I am quite excited about the whole thing and think it will be grand.
as well as names John Bell, Doug Gay, Mr Cutler, Iain Archer, We See Lights etc. it has been good just engaging with the people who have put all this together. It has been an excellent exercise in just being creative and thinking beyond a very narrow perspective. The perspective at work is kind or narrow and concentrated. that is good it delivers specifics and relevance. But this wider remit has been good fun.

I don’t know if it has been as challenging as it should have been. I focused on the Web side of things and this has been fun.
click for the project website

anyway if you are free and able to travel to edinburgh this weekend please consider coming over and enjoying “A day for the deliberate exploration of the arts, culture and faith. A comfortable place for insiders, outsiders and maybe especially those at the margins of the church.”

should be fun!
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