Last night went to see miss Saigon at the Kings In glasgow.

I quite enjoyed it. i was slightly worriedby the fact that due to a booking error we were in the front row. but hey. it was good to be that close and really see what was going on.

We did notice that the Man planing kim’s promised shook when he came on stage. The bloke from Holby City had a shaky shoulder during the big notes and that Stagehands should be in all black (the silver metal microphones were a give away.

good production though.

the helicopter bit was really well done. The guy playing the engineer was just slimy enough while being just likeable enough.

I enjoyed the fact that as we sat down someone asked us if we were with someone important, being in the front row and all.

I found that, the fact that everything was sung slightly wore me out musically.

Good night though.

we also met Vicky and Ross outside. They are engaged and getting married in july. My advice to ross was delegate everything. (the voice of wisdom has spoke.)

Vicky looked good and happy which is excellent.

anyway if you get the chance check it out.