The PROJECT – ScotBelt no more


As you may know from previous blogs the idea of some kinda of greenbelty type thing in scotland.
Post 1 – Greenbelt Scotland? Scot Belt? Celtic Greenbelt?

This has grown legs and sprouted beyond a small group of people and now a burgeoning group of people are involved in trying to organise something.

The Project
” So ‘The PROJECT‘ was born… an interim process of small, viral, organic events during 2009 & 2010, building to the possibility of a larger event in 2011.

These small events would allow us to flesh out what a bigger event might look like; to more immediately model the kind of thing a larger event would contain; and to build a community of folk who’d be able to make a larger event happen.

It was clear at both meetings that any future event in Scotland should have its own identity, should grow out of Scottish culture and concerns, and not merely attempt to imitate Greenbelt. Although initially inspired by the spirit that Greenbelt (and other events) manifests, ‘The PROJECT‘ should develop a distinct Scottish nature, responding to the specific conditions, context and needs of this place and time.”

now that sounds exciting.
you should join in and shape this event

you can check the website or join the facebook group.

do it, do it now.