The Party drink of choice.

upon visiting a party it is tradition to take something, be it something to eat, drink or a present for the person hosting the do.

I was on the bus and as such took something to drink. some cask strength (55.7% ABV) 10 year old Laphroaig for Sarah who was hosting.

for the table though was a new whisky i had never tasted. Curiositas. I was told it was a speyside malt, 10 year old, The helpful man in the wee whisky specialist shop gave me a brief taste.

on ifrst impressions, it tastes very similar to a Islay malt, peaty type taste. Quite a full drink. It reminded me of Talisker only without the bitter after taste i got from the talisker.

as the night went on it tasted fine. I would event be tempted to buy this again. although Islay still remains my love.

anyway 7 out of 10. good sharing whisky.

apparently if you write for whisky magazine it tastes like this.

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