the meeting

Hi I was sent the minutes of the most recent meeting of a commitee i used to be on. enjoy

(please note the names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Here are the notes on last night’s meeting.
1 – Shane and Malcom turned up at North Church at 8pm, as arranged at the last meeting on 17th May
2 – No one else turned up and the church was locked
3 – Shane and Malcolm felt self-righteous and aggrieved.
4 – It was agreed that would Malcolm would get an address list from Scott and prepare a publicity poster detailing titles and dates for the session 2004/5 to mail in time for this weekend, SUBJECT TO HEARING FROM THE REST OF THE GROUP THAT THEY ARE STILL ALIVE.
5 – It was proposed that a further planning meeting be held on Tue 31st Aug at 7.30pm – venue to be agreed – SUBJECT TO FOLK CONFIRMING THEY CAN COME.This would plan the games night for 19th Sep, and first full meeting for 10th Oct.
6 – The meeting was closed with more self-righteous comments, and a desire to go home and watch the Olympics.
Please reply as soon as possible.