The Man Called Cash

The Man Called Cash, By Steve Turner

On the flight’s to america and back I finished this book.
I don’t really know what to make of it.
Johnny Cash’s life was awsome. If I do a fifth of what did I will end up living a very full life. the book really did a good job in filling me in on a lot of details from his life I never knew. covering from the death of his brother when he was 14 through to the death of Himself. inbetween dealing with fame, fortune, drugs, broken marrages, friendship with presidents, theology, illness, critical acclaim, TV series, Lack of record sales, family, and the sense of loss which seemed to be a dominant theme in the latter years of his life.

This i didn’t have the porblem with.

I think I have the issue with steve turners writing. I know why but can’t put it in nice language. The main issue for me is that Ever chapter reads well. it covers the story and the deveopment. His interviews with key people, (alhtough not Johnny as he had died the month before the first interview was due to take place), add authority to the story. I suppose the issue is it can feel like he is preaching at the end of each chapter. I am spiritually turned on. As a Christian i am reasonably aware of the bible and how that interacts with stuff. The book at times spells it out in a fashion that didn’t allow me to make the links in my head. I felt i was almost being pushed up the path, not lead there.

I enjoyed the book but was left unsatisfied overall.

Can’t wait for the film though.

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