The Life Aquatic

The Life Aquatic, by Wes Adnerson.What a film. I really enjoyed it. It took a while to warm too, but honestly it was awesome.

The guy playing david bowie songs in portugese (I think) was great and genuinely surreal.

I don’t really know what to say beyond this but this film was really good.
I liked the characters, I liked the set, I liked the pace and tempo of the film. The story line was easy to follow and some genuinely laugh outloud moments.
I did wonder if it was an entire mickey take of Documentry makers like Micheal moore. But I think that it is more universal in whom it is seeking to parody and poke fun at.

A brilliant way to spent the afternoon of your day off i feel
and in the words of Franz Ferdinand
“It’s always better in the mattinee”