The Laugh Judgement

Ship of fools, the magazine of christian unrest has been running a competition to find the top 10 funniest christian Jokes. Conversely they have also been trying to find the most offensive christian jokes as well.
The results were announced at greenbelt 2005, and well there has been some discussion about how it went down. The jokes are available on the ship of fools website. this morning I found them and well here’s my review.

top 10 christian jokes
I laughed at most of them.
personally joke number one, “man on a bridge” and joke number 8, “Jesus at the pearly gates” were the ones that I really laughed out loud at.
I did think that on a couple of the best jokes were conversely not to far away form the offensive jokes. But I think that the job of comedy in some small way to go beyond the realms of the normal boundaries, excentuate a trait or stereotype to an extenet where the small truth is exposed to being funny. or at worst something that needs to be changed.

top 10 offensive jokes.
perhaps not as awesome. shocking perhaps.
The article said that the most offensive jokes were very black humour and well they were right. The top few in particular were hard work. a couple were groan worth and not really to offensive, but about 5 or 6 of the jokes, were very offensive.

My word what a collection they have found. I guess it it hard to have a best joke competition if some people like offensive jokes and have that dark sick sense of humour. My thoughts are that art to be valid and good art envokes a reaction in the beholder. or in this case comedy audience. Invalid or bad art is nothingy and bland. it envokes a dunno, shrug of the shoulder response. good art shocks, delights, satisfies and disturbs.

SO are these jokes valid art, because they offended me?
I guess so

anyway they are here for your delectation and delight

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