The influence of religious beliefs on parenting, from the perspectives of both adolescents and and parents

Joseph Rowntree Foundation has a new piece of research issued today.
It is a study on “Religion, beliefs and parenting practices. The influence of religious beliefs on parenting, from the perspectives of both adolescents and and parents.

I found this great accurate and question provoking quote in the findings

Most young people and parents recognised that life in the faith community, particularly its worship but even age-related education groups, often had little appeal to young people. Sometimes quite young children could be reluctant to take part in such activities which they found boring, irrelevant or patronising. Faith communities themselves lose out on the energy and enthusiasm characteristic of the involvement of young people and faith leaders therefore need to learn how to be more inclusive of their participation. Parents wanted more support from their faith communities for the task of parenting adolescents. There is a need to support authoritative parents, building on what is already being done, according to the literature on parenting adolescents. This needs to be completed with the full participation of young people who demonstrate a willingness and understanding of these issues in relation to their lives. It should include a more balanced understanding of the role of faith-related education and faith schools from the perspective of young people and parental choice.

From the paerspective of a worker for a religious body the questions which struck me were-
Are our worship services, (and age specific activities), boring, irrelevant or patronising?
Does the church individually and corporately miss out on the vibrancy and energy young people can bring to it?
How much of youth work is about supporting parents in relation to supporting young people? (should it be about supporting parents?)

the document is an interesting read and mostly quotes from participants which includes, catholic, CofE/other christian, Muslim, no religion and Hindu participants.

lots of stuff to chat about within it
download it ::[[click here]]::