The Funk Federation

On Tuesday Evening I ended Up at The 13th Note In Glasgow to see a triple Bill including

Andy Craig
Yvonne Lyon
The Funk Federation

Andy craig had three good songs, The main problem was My mate fraser was playing keyboards, He is really good, I tried to actually listen to what the songs csounded like without the keyboards and I felt like the songs were very bare without the keyboards. Perhaps the songs were written with fraser and what he can bring in mind. I dunno. anyway 3 good songs

Yvonne Lyon has been getting lots of radio play in scotland, She also has been supporting some top level artists. I have seen her 5 times in 5 years and everytime she gets better. Musically her and DL were fine. SOund Wise the sound man had a problem with his top end being peircing. when it was sorted the rest of the set didn’t really grab me. I just don’t get addicted by the voice, ad in singery songwritery folk airy pop music voice is important.

The Funk Federation were great.
Stasky and Hutch had a few mistakes in it but when paula took the stage it moved to a new level. This was the bands first gig in 3 years and it was V. good. Fortunately I had booked them for Carberry next week before this gig! (Faith or summit)Good gig. The sound man took 3 songs to sort it out but a live 7 piece funk band isn’t the norm at the 13th note!
Anyway it was a hot ans sweat gig in a small hall and I really enjoyed the funk band. they were quality indeed.

If you get the chance book them or go see them