The Funk Federation Demo CD, A review

While at frasers the other night He gave me a copy of the funk federation Demo CD.

The packaging was promising it reminded me of the dba or the Trip album. On looking at it the back of the case the imdeiate thing I noticed was that there was no original songs on the CD. All covers. Hmmm. I was suspiciouc about this but the group is set up to cover songs which express a sepecitifc view point of the world. Also looking at the Cd I recognised 4 of the songs, Fraser told me I would recognise the other one when I heard it and guess what I did.

I listened to the demo on several different systems, a nasty one the one in my car and my good house system. each time with a flat Eq so here is my review.

Fools Wisdom
Decent cover of the song
The only real draw back seems to be that the voclists voice doesn’t really seem dirty enough for the song. It sounds like she’s practaced the song and can sing in tune but does it come from the heart. very clean but almost to clinically clean.

Aye sounds good
it’s a bit slow to get into but enjoyable.
The drum sound on the snare is a bit dead when he’s not rimshotting

I Can’t Stop the rain
Long song
again the vocalists voice is too clean, not dirty enough delivery.
Snare sound again needs a tweaking

Starsky and Hutch
The band play this song well and it is quite an enjoyable version. The only things I found a bit commenting about is that the change at 53 seconds in sound lousy. It sounds like a mess. The better the system, the better it sounds but on a cheap system it sounds horrible.
Also I found the bas line hard to follow. It seemed complex and I think he drops a note or two during some of the parts.

I can’t Wait to Meet’chu.
Well I know I am biased by the Rhodes piano sounds absolutely lovely in this song.
The band play this song well and sound tight, but again the concern comes with the lead vocals.
The vocals are too clean again. While I understand that a clean voice is a good thing. It can also be a bland voice. The contrast between Macy Gray singing this song ans The Funk federation vocalist singing this song is massive.
Perhaps they have picked her so that in a crowded pub with a small to mid range PA the words will be heard. but I am unsure from this Cd that we hear the best of her.

Please Note
this is a Demo.
It hasn’t been Mastered, and is a demo so take my views in this light.