The First Word – #crossshatteredchrist – lent 14

Cross Shattered Christ
(I am reading Cross Shattered Christ by Stanley Hauerwas for the next seven days of lent. One chapter a day, one blog post a day.)

Father, forgive them;for they do not know what they are doing. – Luke 23:34
This is clearly a God with a problem. P27

Hauerwas looks at the first thing we hear of Christ on cross. Asking why we seek to subtlety avoid seeing Jesus death as the death of the son of God and seek to imbue it with a purpose and some meaning for us. Turning it around to be about us.

He reveals that what actualy happens is the death of the son of God is actually about use but subverting our presumptions of how this is the case.

Through the cross of Christ we are drawn into the mystery of the Trinity. This is God’s work on our behalf. We are made members of a kingodm governed by a politics of forgiveness and redemption. The world is offered an alternative unimaginable by our sin-determined fantasies – P31


Made me think of this.