The Final Abiter of Truth

Who Do We Believe?


I guess it was scientists. They were people who you could rely on. empirical evidence was just that. Trust worthy. Facts were facts, Scientist were unbiased and true to the results of their research. Not in it for glory of success, but for the thrill of discovery and the joy of process.

I don’t particularly like process.

Postmodernity did away with certainty, facts, stability and right/wrong. Shades of gray abound and life as we know it never be the same again. Scientists become biased in their interpretation as funding agencies become knon, links between big buisness and universities colour research. Suddenly the results of research becomes big news. (Click here for “bad science” the blog that demythologify’s science in the news.).

I guess I am disenfranchised.

I don’t really know who to turn to for truth.
I don’t really know who to turn to for guidence.

I know who i won’t turn to.
A current advert extalling the virtues of Frozen Fish has taken the unusual step of using a journalist to assure us of the freshness of Frozen fish. By him eating fish and telling us it is stale we are meant to run out and buy a specific brand of frozen fish from the genertic frozen good shop.
I don’t believe him.
I guess it is me embracing Postmodernism all in but frankly I dislike the idea of a journalist being the final abiter of truth. The core problem is i don’t trust him to be more unbiased than anyone else in that situation.

Conversely I do believe Ray Winston in his current advert. He wanders about tells us that his product has good stuff in it, then ends the adverts by saying, “Well You don’t expect me to tell you what to do?”
Finally an advert that actually seems to respect me.
the problem is, I don’t actaully want to buy the product.

Who are the new abiters of Truth?
Why them?
What do they have?

Perhaps it’s the people who have all the answers in pub quizzes?