The Decemberists @ ABC, Glasgow – 4th Feb 07

What a good concert

Matt dropped me off in town. I met up with Mr Rich, and headed for dinner. I had sme pasta in a tomato and chilli sauce. We then headed to the venue. We went in having been in possession of tickets.

I was quite surprised by several things

how many of the songs I could sing along with.
(I had listened to the crane wife during the afternoon before the gig) but the music sounded fresh live, it seemed to have more of an edge, yet familiar enough for me to feel familiar with the music.

Why do people pay 10-15 pound to talk over live music.
Don’t these people watch friends? don’t they know what coffee shops in this globalised aspirational consumerist society we live in are for?

Where do you by mirror balls that size. And If you turn it on does half of Garnetbank endure a blackout? How long does it take to slow down? Does it create it’s own gravitational pull?

were the foursome who came a stood in front of us really into swapping partners?


The band were great. live everything went well and the show flowed well with loud bits and quiet bits.

Stand out track included, The crane wife parts 1 & 2, Summersong, and O Valencia. I really enjoyed the Version of Ssns and Daughters.

Special mention has to go to the the new girl in the band Lisa Molinaro for singing Laura Viers part on Yankee Bayonet and making it sound v.good indeed.

so what a night.
great music
great stage presence and entertainment.
good company.
lots of people to look at/mkae fun of/wonder about
and a giant mirrorball.

what more could you ask for.