The day is past and gone.



Yesterday brought the news that International Christian College (ICC) will be ceasing operations.

I am a former student of ICC and I am glad I went there. When I left school with no highers and only 1 standard grade at level 3 (C+ equivalent). I never thought I could do academic work. I never thought University of any sort would be something I could achieve. I had an apprenticeship and I was going to work.

Yet 7 years later with 2 night school highers, I was in on the BA Youthwork and Applied Theology Course. A new course at that point with 30 other bright eyed 1st years. (only eight of us finished three years!) I made some good friends, and I gained a lot of respect for people who perhaps weren’t my close friends but whose qualities have been borne out over time and are people who regularly challenge me. The experience of ICC prepared me for further study at Strathclyde Uni, and now Glasgow University. I learned a lot about youthwork and about theology. I seems wrong to make criticism or speculate on why things turned out like they did. Criticism is easily made and detracts from the sorrow I am expressing.

I am sad about this news. I am sad for the current staff and students.

This has fitted with some wider thoughts about my past and my future. Its a bit scary. With the passing of friends, and institutions time shows no mercy and the hope for grace seems to get harder. Yet when worked on the opportunities to grow and develop seem to be open to me. The chance to get something right and then work on something, to develop a larger project seems to be eminently doable. The problem with this thought process is the danger of loosing the now. and not acting while time and momentum is with me.

But that’s scary, a wrong turn seems immensely likely, but who knows. life has a funny habit of dealing with the future in a surprising and interesting way. (as a side note i read an article yesterday where someone attempted to use game theory to work out the Implications of God’s Omniscience. apparently its all one big game of chicken predicated on the knowledge that – 1 God knows everything. 2 The human knows that God knows everything. 3 God knows that humans know that God knows everything. I think I may need to re read it.)