The best of, Sixpence None The Richer

(nb. this isn’t the album art but is the closest large .jpg internet searchse provided me with)

I got this album on Saturday. Yeah I know it’s a weird ride, stand out tracks include Kiss Me (Obviously) , angeltread (I Love that song) and the weird version of Brian Wilson’s I Just wasn’t made for these times (from the Making God smile album, which is awesome.)

I grew up with sixpence, form the first imported copy of the demos which I couldn’t buy because Dual edge records in London Had sold out, to seeing them at Greenbelt, twice, too hearing the last album loving it and hearing that the band had broken up last year.

Some people look for moments in their lives, special times,

some people look for pictures in their lives, special views,

some people look for words in their lives, special quotes.

me I listened for the soundtrack.

more often than not, sixpence none the richers musical warmth, emotional depth, lyrical phrasing provided me with some sort of support I cannot thank them enough for.

search beyond kiss me.

the destination is worth the journey!

Thanks Leigh and Matt, wherever you are

probably in america

probably in nasville

probably not reading this

but over 200 other have Hooray!