Talking to people in this way leaves me cold.

Recently lots of people have been sharing this video on youtube.

In the video someone attempt to take on atheists and evolutionists and ask them a killer question which they cannot answer to the satisfaction of the questioner.
I don’t like it.

For two reasons. Firstly I dislike the attitude of the person asking the questions. I think it feels smug, and just leaves me wondering why this is the appropriate way to engage with people. It leaves me cold and annoyed. I think it is harmful to those people who’s views may have any similarity to the expressed view of the questioner.

Secondly I am not sure this is a fruitful way to challenge the views of people. I read John MacDermott in the Financial Times last saturday, in the article online here, he asks why we rarely win arguements, although his example is drawn from public policy, I have sympathy with his main thrust, more facts added to an argument serves to “reinforce stubborness”. That arguements actually gets more response by considering who the person is that we are arguing with, not the subject of the argument.

To the videomaker, I am think you got it more than a bit wrong.