The Return of youth work. (Social and Economic Value of Youth Work in Scotland Report)

YouthLink Scotland yesterday hosted the YouthWork Expo. A day dedicated to “highlight and celebrate the contribution youth work makes to society, individuals and to the realisation of the programme for government”. The lead claim in the press release is A new study by Hall Aitken published today has put the value of youth work at […]

We’re all together again we’re here, we’re here.

During the training course it became clear to me that youthworkers are broadly similar in many respects. the way YW’s try and deal with situations. the areas YW’s choose to work in. the young people YW’s work with. the things that frustrate YW’s. this really hit home in one exercise we did . the first […]

Working with challenging behaviour…Moi?

“there is no such thing as challenging behaviour, just actions, and how you respond to them.” last week I ended up in Ayr for two days of training run by LEAP, organised by YouthLink Scotland and paid for by the Scottish Government. The LEAP philosophy revolves around provoking personal reflection and change coming from […]