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1000 – a reflection.

I have been blogging for 1000 posts, I have sent 8457 tweets, add this to my recent birthday, and I have been alive for 14247 days on this earth, so probably a time for reflection. I have learned a lot, but no where near enough. I am pretty sure i am good at somethings, and […]

White noise 17

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life. Last week/this week: last week was good. i managed to do my three days of work well without too much hassle. we had a good time. my secret meeting on Thursday was exciting and has given me lots to think […]

small news update

some news before i start work in depth *we have almost got to grips with the ground elder and ivy on the garden. *we now have a kitchen table and chairs and are enjoying sitting round it to eat.(from a company without a website.) *next job is the roof *we now have a hose *we […]