A story for the #courgettecrisis. “What They Sell In The Shops These Days” by Daniil Kharms

Yesterday I was involved in a discussion about the lack of courgettes in the shops, #courgettecrisis. I was urged to shop locally and eat seasonally; i was encouraged to note the advice from a mitchelin starred celebrity chef. Well. I dont live in a globalised, commodified, consumerist society to shop local and seasonally, I want […]

Details of Howies Scottish Sample Sale

Exciting news from Howies! (one of the best small clothing companies about.) Scotland here we come Finally, after some broken promises and premature wishes, we are on our way to Edinburgh and Glasgow to hold back-to-back sample sales. The Edinburgh sale will be held at: Assembly rooms 54 George Street Edinburgh, EH2 2LR The opening […]


I left the college library around 5pm, it was raining and cold. Darkness had descended. I was quite happy about the amount of work i had got done in the Library. I walked to the car, out the back gate, drove off but something wasn’t right. I stopped t discover a flat tyre, front drivers […]

Saturday morning

saturday morning was spent going round the antiques warehouse at yorkhill quay in Glasgow. it was a good time with my brother and father in law. I enjoyed threir company and my Father In Laws knowledge ofthe usless and the bizarre was in high demand. (chest of drawerswith hidden Kilt drawers. (, like WTF?. Particualerly […]